Use recoil to dig your way down to earths core!
In Billy Recoil & The Quest for the Super Crystal you play as Billy who is on a quest to find the Super Crystal. Billy has no legs, so he uses his guns recoil to move around.

The dialouge in the game is not fully  visible in windowed mode, so you need to play the game in fullscreen to see the text properly. 

It also seems that at the moment, you need to have a resolution of at least 1920 x 1080 to see the text, I will fix this as soon as the gamejam is over, since the deadline has passed as of now.

But here is the intro dialouge in case you missed it:

This is Billy.

He is a happy guy.

One day when he was standing outside,

he got hit by a truck and lost both his legs.

In the hospital, Billy read an interesting article;

"The super crystal lives in the core 
of the earth and grants everyone one wish."

Billy knew what to do!

Since he didn't have a drill,
 he grabbed his gun and went out 
on a quest to find the Super Crystal!

Use mouse to aim and left mouse button to shoot/mine/move/dig.

Created in 48 hours by Johannes Fornaeus for the GMTKJam

Using Unity3D Engine 5.6.0f3

All graphics are made in Inkscape -

All sounds used in this game are released under a creative commons license or produced by Johannes Fornaeus

Sounds used, that are released under acreative commons license:

shoot by fins -
shoot 3 by fins -
shoot 6 by fins -
Pickaxe #3.wav by Agaxly -
Right Gravel Footstep 3 by Ali_6868 -
short finale 0M_21pi2 by Setuniman -
1911 Reload by nioczkus -
Cash Register Purchase by Zott820 -
Wine Glass2.wav by FullMetalJedi -
Car Crash by squareal -
Chime sound by jgreer -
Vintage Camera Flash Powder and Shutter by Werra -
Fundamental Knowledge by the_odds -
Cuckoo & The Nightingale Duet.MP3 by Vonora -

Font used is Yikes by Rick Montgomery -

I hope you like the game!

Install instructions

Unzip and click the executable.


Download 13 MB
Download 15 MB


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Very fun game! !

That was a really fun little game, and I was hooked till the end. Well done!

I've seen games like this before, but not mining (and moving) with a gun!

What a nice game! :D I believe billy loves his new legs.

Damn Billy, you crazy.